Zach Bernal

Embedded Software Engineer


Game Developer

Professional Bio

I'm a polyglot software engineer based in the San Francisco bay area. I've worked in the medical device industry for five years, and in embedded for nearly a decade. I've also worked in mobile development, python, and been in a build/release role.

I have a B.S. in Computer Engineering from UC Santa Cruz with a focus on robotic control and firmware. I also spent time designing and building PCB's, wiring my own HC11 microcontroller board, and writing an ad-hoc wireless protocol for a swarm of microcontrollers.

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Gamedev Bio

I'm an amateur game developer working on voxel-based games in the Godot game engine. I make my own 3d models with blender, do some graphic design work with Gimp and Inkscape, and I have experience making Source maps. I'm using this website as an excuse to learn Django.

I ran a popular minecraft server called Flying Islands for four years, which focused on making skylands-style maps accessible to all ages, and seamlessly integrating the survival and creative modes. Now I'm working on the Flying Islands game in the Godot 3 engine, a voxel construction game meant to bring together skylands, airships, and multiplayer in a way that respects the player's right to own their creations.

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