I'm Zach Bernal

I'm a Firmware Engineer, a Mobile Developer, a big fan of python, and an all around 9-to-5 kinda guy. I'm an engineer in Silicon Valley and I take pride in being a generalist, always hungry to learn new skills and technologies.

I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Computer Engineering with a focus on robotic control and firmware.

I've always got my hands in a project, like aluminum smelting, car repair (I take care of a '66 mustang as a daily commuter), or building servers.

I'm Chrisknyfe

I'm a Game Developer, a Graphic Artist, a mechanic, a student, and sometimes, when the moon is full, I write.

As Chrisknyfe I once ran a popular minecraft server called Flying Islands, which focused on making the skylands accessible to players of all ages. I always envisioned a place where you could fly custom-built airships through the skylands... we got very close.

Now I want to continue the Flying Islands legacy by writing the Flying Islands Game, which will allow players to import their creations and fly them through the skylands on a nearly-infinite adventure. I'm a one-man game developer, able to create all the necessary code, 2D art and 3D models on my own.